Tuesday, 6 March 2018

NEW GAME: A Yankee In Iraq V1.1.0

Not really a new game but the number of updates this has had it might as well be.

A Yankee In Iraq is a side-scrolling shoot'em up with some very 2 layer scrolling. It's a fast action shooter that's going to challenge you to the max.

If you think yo'ur up for the challenge then head on over to the official website and the link is down below


NEW GAME: In Nihilum Reverteris

 A new game has come to me in the form of an interactive text adventure In Nihilum Revertis. It's very new and fresh as you read through the story and in that story you choose what you want to do at certain points. In between the story, you will get to view some very nice abstract like graphics.

The game can be played in 2 different languages of Polish and English and you will need a 128k or machine.

Loading the game you must go into 128k BASIC first and type usr0 followed by ENTER. Once you have done that just load it up in the 48k mode.

Links to both versions are below



Spectrum Computing Gets A Present

So the community has been given quite a present is in the shape of everything The Oliver Twins have ever made on the ZX Spectrum. They have kindly given them to Spectrum Computing to host and are ready to download right now.

Below are all the links where the games are to download and will also be added to the download links page to this site.

3D Starfighter

Advanced Pinball Simulator

BMX Simulator 2

Championship Jet Ski Simulator


Fantasy World Dizzy

Fast Food

Ghost Hunters

Ghostbusters II

Grand Prix Simulator

Grand Prix Simulator 2

Incredible Shrinking Sphere

Jet Bike Simulator

Operation Gunship

Panic Dizzy

Professional BMX Simulator

Professional Ski Simulator

The Race Against Time

Treasure Island Dizzy

Monday, 5 March 2018

Happy Birthday Old Friend

This week sees the ZX81 turning 37 years old and just finding that out makes me very old.

I remember having our ZX81 in the same year for Christmas along with the Panda 16k RAM pack. Hooking it up to my black and white 14 inch portable TV and then trying to finding the signal, the anticipation was hard to bare. The moment we found the signal and we had a white screen with a black square and the letter K stamped on it, I knew I wanted to learn.

My dad handed me the manual and said: "Well go and see what you can do with it.". I quickly took the manual and started to read through each page. I was 6 at the time and my reading was abysmal, but I went through the book anyway. By the time I finished the last page I could read better than anyone in my school.

The manual is quite easy to get through and takes you through every aspect of programming in BASIC. From simple print routines to setting variables and using them within your program. Its all in there if you take the time.

Before too long I was writing management games and RPG's as these didn't take too much head work or effort. Graphically the machine is challenging with only what the machine gave you. It's not like the ZX Spectrum where you can define graphics so imagination is in order if you want to get anything out of it.

Sadly, I never learned machine code on it as the following year I had a ZX Spectrum. Maybe my parents should have held off a year....nah!!! not a chance.

As much as I love the ZX81 its not without its problems. The first one you will hit is the keyboard as it's not like a standard keyboard you see on a PC or other computers of that time. Typing is like if you are stabbing the wall with your finger and in the end your hands hurt. There is no way you are going to be speed typing that's for sure and it made programming very slow.

Another problem is loading cassettes as these took a lot longer than even a ZX Spectrum 128K game. To add more mystery it wasn't very reliable either.
Now the major one and the one that gives nightmares to everyone that used it is the infamous RAM pack wobble.

You could be there for over an hour writing a BASIC program and you would only need a nat to piss in the wrong direction and your work was gone forever. So many times this happened to me that I was ready to throw it out the window. My father saw this happen to me a lot so he took the RAM pack out of the casing and did his magic in soldering it into the ZX81.

My ZX81 looked like if Frankenstein had a colostomy bag the size of a bus stuck on to him. Thing is though there was no more wobble and it ran perfectly.

ZXpand with an AY sound card added to the back
The future of the ZX81 has shocked me and everyone a lot more than what it should as we are seeing all kinds of great hardware and software coming out. The use of SD Cards to load and save, more RAM which doesn't wobble, AY sound, Hi-Res graphics and even full-motion video games thanks to Jim Bagley's Dragons Lair.

The machine has exceeded all expectations and broken the bloody door down. Whats next for the machine is going to be interesting that's for sure.

News Letter 01

This has not been an easy choice but I have decided that the YouTube channel is now ZX Spectrum even though the old videos will remain on the channel. The Speccy is my first love and even though I have been in and out of the scene like something from a porn film I still come back to it as I have so much nostalgia for it.

The channel will mainly be focusing on the newer software and hardware but there will be videos looking at the older stuff as I see it as the backbone for the Spectrum. I am currently waiting for new hardware and software to come in the post for future videos, but right now the snow we had it's playing hell with the post so things will have to wait.

The good side is I have the ZX Omni Desktop 128HQ which I will be showing more of. I should get the screen to clip on to it soon and yes there is a full review of that coming soon. You should see more footage using the Omni and anything else to deal with it. I also want to do videos of the demoscene and show what some of these amazing coders that can do on our little beauty to the max. The coding in these demos is truly amazing and should be shown off.

Social media now and I have created a new Twitter account only for the ZX Spectrum. I also have an Instagram account and a Facebook page to follow. If you wish to join then by all means go for it as you are more than welcome. Please join in on any of the discussions as this is what makes our Spectrum even more amazing. Remember back in the old days we only had our friends to talk about it, but now we have the whole world via the power of the internet.

Anyway, all the links are just below.




An, of course, this website so bookmark this as more written reviews and news will crop up on here.

My focus of late have been on the Russian Spectrum scene and recently joined up with a fantastic forum. The amount of stuff we don't see is criminal and I intend to fix that with some videos. It should be shared, like all the other great homebrew around the world.

Oh the fun we will have over the next few months is going to be amazing and I am very excited. In fact there are already demos ready to drop onto the channel this week so look out for those.Sunday's will be the review and currently I have a few ideas and need to get my butt moving.

So until then keep gaming on the Speccy.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Mr Do coming to the ZX Spectrum

The day has come (well coming) when we get Mr Do. on the ZX Spectrum. I am still holding out on a Mr. Do Castlemind but this will ... DO !!!

Link below for full details.


divMMC update

Today is the day that both ESXDOS and UnoDOS packs will be released.

I had a lot of support overnight with permissions and such for games and we have broken the door down and burnt it a bit on the 300+ games. In fact, it's more like around 350+ games. I still have to include a lot of instructions for the games which I have done some, but that will be a slow process for now.

UnoDOS has seen the biggest update out of the 2 as its now got a lot of fixes and extra commands at your fingertips. This should help with the ZX Omni because at the moment there are some problems in loading certain games. It certainly opens up quite a lot of games to play and I bet more will follow before too long.

Well the packs are almost ready and I will release a post here on where to get them at around 5PM GMT.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

NEW GAME : Euro Striker by Valdir

 New football games don't come often enough on the Speccy anymore, but today is different and we have a new one. Euro Striker puts you into the boots od a young superstar and it's your job that when the chances come at you in a match you put the ball in the back of the net.

I won't spoil everything for you but let's just say this is very close if not better than Footballer of the Year 2.

If you fancy a go the link is down below

Set date for divMMC packs and more support follows today

I have some excellent news today for anyone waiting on the ESXDOS pack or the UnoDOS pack. The date has been set for the 2nd of March, so it's not too long to wait. I am just putting the finishing touches on V1.0

I would suggest that with ZX Omni users they use UnoDOS instead of ESXDOS as its already installed on your system and it runs more games than ESXDOS does.

I also had some really good news today concerning more support by developers as I have had permission from Steve Snake, Antonio J. Pérez, Radastan and many more. This means that not only will you be getting some fantastic new games like DeadSpace, Fantasty Zone: Escape from Pyramid plus Horace and the Robots, but we will be getting some old classics like NARC & SWIV.

The packs look amazing and this is only the start as with every new game or updated software we edge closer to V2.0 which I intend to add a menu feature. This means you can see the games with full names and not limited to the 8 or so characters at the moment. Right now being limited to name size makes it more guesswork on what game is what and I want to make it easier for everyone.

The menu will start in BASIC, but I want to transport it then into machine code which I am learning at the moment. What I want to do shouldn't be too much of a problem or hard to do as I am only looking at basic functions of the Speccy.

More news on the packs follows very soon.

UPDATE : Fuse 1.5.1

The wonderful emulator Fuse has been updated to V1.5.1 and a list of all the new things are below along with the link.


Fuse v1.5.1 Changelog:
* Debugger improvements:
* Prevent crash when we try to disassemble an instruction with many
DD or FD prefixes (Philip Kendall; thanks, Miguel Angel Rodríguez
* Fix crash when setting debugger variables (Gergely Szasz).
* Profiler improvements:
* Prevent crash when we try to profile an instruction with many DD
or FD prefixes (Philip Kendall; thanks, Sergio Baldoví).
* Miscellaneous improvements:
* GTK+ UI: Improve behaviour of default button on dialogs (thanks,
atom-atom) (ub880d and Sergio Baldoví).
* GTK+ and win32 UIs: Support hex numbers in load/save binary and
pokefinder dialogs (thanks, Allan Turvey) (Sergio Baldoví).
* SDL UI: Allow to select the video mode used in full-screen (Gergely

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

NEW GAME: Dungeon Raiders by Payndz

An all-new game has come from Payndz on the Speccy and to say its very original is an understatement.

You take control of a special entity and have to protect the adventurers(who are yellow) on the map by moving over the monsters. There is also treasure on the map which the adventurers must get and it's your drop to tell them where it is by dropping a marker over it. The marker does not last long so you will be killing monsters and dropping the marking in a fast frenzy arcade-style maze game.

Its very addictive and is a refreshing change as the gameplay is nothing I have ever played.

If you wish to get it the link is below.